On tap and to go. 

On Tap

An assortment of local brews from Community Beer Works and Resurgence to Pressure Drop, and many others. 

Selected varieties of craft kombucha from Snowy Owl

Pouring at the bar
Good reds – Cotes due Rhone is one of our favorite reds. 
We’ve also got dry whites and sparkling pink prosecco style bubbly by the can.

Beans roasted by artisan makers Gimme! Coffee from Ithaca and South Buffalo’s Undergrounds. Pour a steaming cup or grind beans to take home. Marvel at the collection of coffee bags Gimme! sent us to hang on the wall and use to make front window curtains.


In the cooler

Rotating assortment rotating assortment of spritzers, sodas, plus craft and domestic beer.


Eat in and take out. Ask about our special.   

Regular Menu

Chicken wings
single w/10: $11.95
double w/18: $18.95
large w/25: $23.95
mild, medium, hot or extra hot comes w/ carrots, celery and blue cheese

Beef On Weck Slider
beef slider, toasted: $8.95
2 beef sliders, toasted: $15.95
with potato chips & pickle, comes with au ju and horseradish on the side, choose: weck or no weck?

Deep-fried Chicken
4 piece: $9.95 /8 piece $18.95
barbecued grilled or smoked paprika rub
served w/ deep fried potatoes

Pizza Logs
3 for $4.95/ 5 for $7.95

Deep-fried Idaho Potatoes
basket of chips: $6.95
ask for blue cheese, or french onion dip

Chips w/hummus
tortilla chips $6.95
with garlic or red pepper hummus celery, carrots, cucumbers and chips

Apple Perogies
3 for $4.95/ 5 for $7.95
“mini apple pies”, coated with cinnamon and powdered sugar served with a whole milk yogurt dip 

Light Menu

Deep Fried Potatoes $4
1⁄2 order potato chips server w/ french onion

Cheese & Crackers $3
3 cheese and seasoned cracker plate

Hummus & Chips $3
3 .5 oz hummus and tortilla bowl

Hummus & Vegetables $3
3 .5 oz hummus w/celery, carrots

Hot Nuts Can $6.95 Gl $1.95
hot seasoned mixed or peanuts